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Map to Paws-Ability Place, the first Tri-City area dog park (in Badger Mountain Community Park)
Demonstration Dog Park:
The demonstration dog park is a great event hosted regularly by the Tri-City Dog Park Society to raise support for the cause of bringing a permanent dog park to the community.  Anyone with a friendly dog is welcome to come experience off leash play.  There is a suggested donation of $5 which helps raise money for a permanent park.  The demonstration dog park is usually set up for 4 hours and typically serves over 100 people and 100 dogs in that time.  The Tri-City Dog Park Society has hosted demonstration dog parks in Leslie Groves and Howard Amon parks in Richland and Chiawana Park in Pasco.  Check our community calendar for our upcoming events.
Demo dog park Are you a dog park group trying to bring a park to your community?

Here’s how a demonstration dog park might help you raise support for your cause.

The demonstration dog park was the brain child of Mike Strasburg, the founder of the Tri-City Dog Park Society.  This brilliant idea has become one of the primary ways the Tri-City Dog Park Society raises support and funds for their cause of bringing a permanent dog park to the community. The fencing materials for the demonstration dog park was generously donated by Lowes. The demonstration dog park is set up in existing parks and can help identify whether regular users of the park are in support of the project.  Permission for the demonstration dog park is given by the parks department.  So far, there have been no fees for setting up the demonstration dog parks within our parks system.

The demonstration dog park is set up using orange polyethylene safety fencing that is commonly used on construction sites.  The fencing is attached to metal support rods using zip ties.  The bottom of the fence is secured using plastic tent stakes. The fence posts are set up the morning of the event using a fence pounder. There are two play areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs.  A double gate entry system is constructed  using PVC piping.   The demonstration dog park usually takes a team of 8 volunteers 2 hours to set up the morning of the event.  Volunteers also monitor the park during operational hours.

Getting to know you   Owners are aware that the temporary fencing is not very secure and some dogs make attempts to jump over the fence or push under it. Vigilant monitoring by volunteer play attendants (at least one per area) helps stop problems.  During peak times, limits of 30-60 minutes per visit are used to prevent overcrowding.  A suggested donation of $5 helps raise money for a permanent park.  The dog park usually takes an hour to take down and is stored in a garage when not in use.

If you have any questions about using a demonstration dog park to help raise support for your group please contact us.

Materials Needed:

• 10 rolls of 4’ x 100’ orange plastic safety fencing

• 200 metal support posts

• 100 plastic tent stakes

• 1 ½” PVC pipe

• Fence post driver

• Large Bag of Zip ties to attach fencing

• Wire cutters to take down fencing

• Pick up bags

• Water buckets

• Poop scooper

• Tables and chairs

• Sign in sheets with rules and liability waiver

• Promotional materials